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Let’s be honest.

Financial modelling hasn’t changed much in the last 20 years.

Financial modelling remains a largely manual and therefore error-prone process. Achieving structural rigour and consistency requires modeller discipline. Under pressure, we can all fall short.

We are building a suite of software tools to support modellers.


Checkbox is our internal model review tool. It’s designed specifically for models built using the FAST modelling standard and tests for a range of common errors such as formula consistency, missing units, missing row totals, unused inputs, unused calculations etc.

We developed this for our own use and deploy it to check every client model that we build. As part of our mission to raise the bar in professional modelling Checkbox will always be free.

Checkbox Software

We are looking for pre-release testers to help us ensure that
Checkbox is as easy to use as possible. Sign up here

Checkbox Software


Openbox is the missing financial modelling layer for excel. We believe the Excel is here to stay and while excels lack of inherent structure is its biggest asset, it is also its biggest drawback. Openbox adds a model structuring layer on top of excel to transform the productivity of professional modelling.

Imagine being able to call up commonly used revenue, cost, asset, debt and equity models, define your timeline and have the model built, to any commonly used modelling standard, in minutes. That’s our vision for Openbox.

Join our beta-testers programme to help us get there.  Sign up here

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