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Innovation in the “modelling tech” space is accelerating.

It’s our goal to be leading some of that innovation through the software tools we are developing.

Find out below how you can get involved.

Checkbox Software


Excel’s flexibility is its biggest asset, it is also its biggest drawback.

Openbox is the missing financial modelling layer for Excel. It adds a model structuring layer on top of Excel to transform the productivity of professional modellers. Openbox makes it easier to build, and to read, financial models.

Openbox is now in public beta.

This means you can sign up to take it for a test drive for free. We expect the public beta to last until summer 2021.

Find out how to get started with Openbox with our free introduction course.

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Checkbox is our internal model review tool. It’s designed specifically for models built using the FAST modelling standard. It tests for a range of common errors such as formula consistency, missing units, missing row totals, unused inputs, unused calculations etc.

We developed this for our own use and deploy it to check every client model that we build.

We also make Checkbox available to our training clients through the Project Finance Institute and Full Stack Modeller.

As part of our mission to raise the bar in professional modelling we will shortly be making Checkbox available for free for everybody.

Checkbox Software

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