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Business Modelling

Transform your financial strategy with our comprehensive business modelling solutions.

Financial modelling is not your day job

Are you at a critical stage in your business’s journey, where every moment counts?

Time is a valuable resource, and making well-informed decisions is crucial. You deserve complete confidence in the accuracy, transparency, and flexibility of your financial models.

Our business modelling service is here to address your unique business challenges head-on.

Hacking your current model isn’t cutting it

Our team of seasoned professionals understands the intricacies of business modelling transactions and the challenges you face.

We specialise in creating robust and tailored models that accurately forecast the impact of your decisions on liquidity, profitability, and risk.

We ensure that your models are not only reliable and transparent but also designed for easy updates as your business grows.

We've worked with some of the best...

Expert modelling for industry leading institutions.

Why is this so hard?

We are driven by the belief that this stuff should be way easier than it is

Your model should be easy to use

You are a business manager, not a financial modeller. You need something easy to use and interpret. Not something that has you calling the modellers every day.

Your model should be easy to update

You have way too much on your plate already. Every minute you spend wrestling with an overly complicated model is time you’re not spending on managing your business.

Your model should make it easy to reforecast

Let’s face it, there are some challenges coming down the track. A good planning model helps you stay ahead of the game. You’ll look like a rock star in your next board meeting when you’ve already answered all the “what-if” questions.

Your model should produce some damn sexy reports

Show, don’t tell. While it might be a cliche, it really is true that a picture is worth a thousand words. Visually appealing reporting and interactive dashboards will make putting your next board pack together a breeze.

We work with our clients in two main areas

Financial Planning Analysis

Crafting a concise, bespoke model that precisely fulfills your business requirements demands meticulous thought, effort, and expertise. Our team excels in this art, ensuring that your model is tailor-made to deliver exactly what you need. No more, no less.

Corporate Finance

Excessive detail can hinder decision-making, providing too little information undermines stakeholder ownership and erodes confidence. Our expertise lies in finding that sweet spot by providing enough detail to instill control and confidence while avoiding unnecessary distractions.

Industry-leading financial modelling services

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What our customers have to say

A team you can trust

Our team brings together best practice from across the industry to give you the financial modelling expertise you need. We have delivered hundreds of modelling assignments for some of the world’s leading organisations.

Danny Leitch


Danny is a founding partner of Gridlines and has over 20 years of experience in financial modelling and project finance. Danny has led modelling teams within Grant Thornton, EY and F1F9 and has been responsible for over 100 model build and review assignments. Danny is a qualified accountant and financial modelling expert.

Tony Devereux

Associate Director

Tony is an Associate Director and has over 24 years experience as a professional business modeller. Tony spent 17 years with a big four modelling practice building, reviewing and leading model builds and reviews for every business sector and all corporate finance activities. Tony moved to a listed financial services company where he continued his transactional modelling and extended it to include the full range of FP&A activities. Tony is a qualified member of the ICAEW.

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Danny Leitch