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We don’t hire Australian, French, Indian, Sri-Lankan, Turkish or Polish financial modellers.


We also don’t hire Germans or Danes.
And we certainly don’t hire Brits.  


We hire individuals.

Determination, ambition, and talent have nothing to do with your nationality. 

And so we don’t care where you live or where you come from. 

We care about you. 

We’ve been a global, remote team right from the start. 

Now the world has caught on.



We have big plans, and a few cool things going on:

We’re building software.
We deliver training through our partnerships with Full Stack Modeller and the Project Finance Institute.
And last year we launched Gridlines audit.
(And while it’s early days – our clients seem to be liking the Audit 2.0 value proposition).

Oh and we build models. We build really good models.

As a company, we’re young, hungry and ambitious.
As a team, we bring together decades of financial modelling experience.
Stick around for a while and you’ll end up owning part of the company through our team equity plan.



We’re looking for financial modellers who are outgoing and full of creativity and flair.
We are also looking for modellers who are introverted, calm and meticulous.
Like we said, individuals.

If your job with that fancy big brand name has turned out to be not quite what you were hoping it would be, get in touch. You’ll be in good company here.

We have open positions in model audit and model build, at all levels of seniority.
Project Finance experience is a must.
Familiarity with FAST is preferred.

For an informal chat with one of our team...

Email and we’ll set something up.

Or if you’re ready to apply, hit us up with your CV and a cover letter. Tell us what makes you the individual we’re looking for.

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