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We work with Project Finance Advisors and Project Sponsors internationally to develop Project Finance bid models and to provide all the modelling support they need throughout Project Finance transactions.

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Transaction Modelling

Financial modelling for Project Finance deals is tough. We make it easy. The stakes are high, with tight deadlines, demanding clients and many millions of dollars at stake. Deals need complex models and optimisation of many variables in parallel. In a market of very fine margins, a well optimised model can mean the difference between success and failure. Complex Excel models must be handled with care as the risk of error without specialist expertise and extremely robust review processes can be high.

Operational Modelling

Economic headwinds are growing stronger. Costs are rising. Operational performance often falls short of what was expected. The requirements of ongoing covenant reporting and project management mean you need operational models that are fit for purpose. The model you built to bid the project doesn’t work as an ongoing management tool. Your model will be built to the FAST Standard. The standard has been endorsed by the ICAEW as the only financial modelling standard which meets its good spreadsheet practice guidance.

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Modelling made easy

Reasons to have your model built by Gridlines

Your models should look great

A Project Finance model is not just a calculation engine. It is a critical decision-making tool shared with all key parties to a transaction. You will be judged on the quality of your financial model. You need your models to be presented as professionally as all other aspects of your organisation.

Your model should be easy to update

Following a standardised approach to modelling will make sure that your models reflect best practice. It will also make it easier to share the models internally and externally whilst making them flexible for future development.

Your models should solve quickly

When models get big and complex, solve speed can start to become a problem. To have the best chances of a fully optimised bid you will most likely need to run a myriad of scenarios and sensitivities. Under time pressure every minute counts. We work hard to make sure that solve speeds are as close to real-time as possible. This gives you the time for more analysis which may just give you the edge over your competition.

You can have the strength and depth of capacity to do much more

With the nuts and bolts of the modelling taken care of, you are freed up to focus on winning deals! Less time spent on wrestling with Excel, more time on analysing and interpreting results, more time on negotiation, and on all of the things that can help you win your deal. More importantly, with a strong modelling team behind you, you can take on more deals. Cracking the modelling challenge can free up advisory firms to grow quickly and thrive.

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A team you can trust

Our team brings together best practice from across the industry to give you the financial modelling expertise you need. We have delivered hundreds of modelling assignments for some of the world’s leading organisations.

Danny Leitch


Danny is a founding partner of Gridlines and has over 20 years of experience in financial modelling and project finance. Danny has led modelling teams within Grant Thornton, EY and F1F9 and has been responsible for over 100 model build and review assignments. Danny is a qualified accountant and financial modelling expert.

Kenny Whitelaw-Jones


Kenny is one of the founding partners at Gridlines. He is a leading financial modelling expert in the project finance market globally. Kenny has played a significant role in the development of financial modelling standards over the past 10 years.

Umang Agarwal


Umang is a highly experienced financial modeller and advisor. He leads delivery of modelling for Gridlines in the power and utilities sectors. Umang has successfully delivered complex models for numerous bid submissions and has achieved Financial Close on 4 deals. His modelling experience spans across multiple sectors – Power and Utilities, Transport infrastructure, Oil & Gas and Mining.

Aditya Gupta


Aditya brings 12 years of experience at a senior level in financial modelling for project finance and PPP projects covering the main issues arising over the project’s life span. Aditya has grasped a deep knowledge of the infrastructure market in India, UK, Australia and Middle east countries.

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