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The Key to Success: Understanding the ‘Why’ of Financial Modelling Standards

Modeller's Miscellany | The Key to Success: Understanding the 'Why' of Financial Modelling Standards

For engineers, designers and other creative problem-solvers, a formal definition of the constraints within which they must work is essential to channel energies and expand creativity.
– Adam Morgan

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Modelling // The why behind financial modelling standards

In the field of financial modelling, it is equally important to understand the ‘why’ behind standardised practices as it is to master the ‘how.’ In this article, financial expert Hedieh Kianyfard discusses the importance of flexibility, accuracy, structure, simplicity, sustainability, and transparency in your financial models. Read more.

Work // Mastering group decision making

At Gridlines we are going through a process of implementing a system of extreme role clarity and transparency. The process is based on some of the principles of Holocracy, although we are not implementing Holocracy in full.

As part of this we have been looking at our decision-making processes. At the heart of any organisation’s culture is how we make decisions. This isn’t usually something that’s discussed explicitly. This article gives a good introduction to different group decision-making models. Read more.

Modelling // Choose your pain

Modelling is difficult and time-consuming. There is always pain somewhere in the process. The question is, what kind of pain do you want? Read more.

AI // ChatGPT can now speak… and see

OpenAI’s ChatGPT is breaking boundaries! This AI milestone is creating excitement in the tech community and speculation about what it means for the future of artificial intelligence. It can now ‘see’ images and ‘hear’ speech, and respond in a human-like voice. This is achieved by utilising existing smartphone camera and microphone technology. This means that… yes, you can finally ask ChatGPT to recite an original financial modelling-themed story where every calculation was correct! Read more.

Resources for modellers

What you need to know about building your profile as a financial modeller. 
Discover ways to promote your financial modelling skills and advance your career. This article explains how to communicate your expertise, demonstrate leadership, and enhance your profile both online and offline. Read more.

All models are wrong. Some are useful. In 1976, British statistician George Box wrote the famous line, “All models are wrong, some are useful.” This is a critical truism to keep in our minds as we build and share financial models. There is only one thing you can say with certainty about your model’s output; it’s not going to be what happens in reality. Read why this matters for modellers.

Wise people learn from others mistakes. In this article, Ed Bodmer teaches us what we can learn from horrible models. He uses videos, case studies, and even lets you download these models to see for yourself.

Miscellany jobs

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Financial Modeller – Global Investment Firm, Ireland (Hybrid)
Modelling Specialist – NEOM, Saudi Arabia
Senior Modeller – Red Rock Power LTD, UK (Hybrid)
Financial Modeller – Financial Services Advisory Firm, South Africa
Associate, Financial Modelling – Amherst, India (Remote)

Gridlines news

This week, 36 of our front line model build and model audit team members met for our team retreat in Goa. We prioritised time to hang out, to get to know each other better and strengthen our culture. A lot of good conversations, a lot of laughter, and a good deal of on-point dancing.

Here’s what some of our colleagues had to say about the event:

The Goa offsite ’23 was a unique blend of work and play with a purpose. Stepping outside the office environment allowed us to connect on a personal level and build stronger team bonds. The beach team-building activities were incredible, offering the perfect opportunity for new starters to connect and build cross-location relationships.Jasmeen Chawla

“Our recent Goa offsite was amazing! It exceeded our expectations with productive sessions and fun activities creating unforgettable memories. Thanks to our company for this enriching experience, strengthening our team bond and leaving us eager for more wonderful moments ahead.” – Priyanshu Jain

Priyanshu Jain - Gridlines

And finally …

When Excel recovers your file meme

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