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Saurabh Chopra

Areas of expertise :

Financial Modeling & Valuation, Financial Analysis, VBA.

Aman Jain

Areas of expertise :

Financial modelling, financial model audit, project finance, accounting & taxation.

Aman Batra

Areas of expertise :

Financial Modelling, Renewables and VBA & Macros.

Aran De Salle

Areas of expertise : 

Content Creation, Digital Marketing, Customer Service, Design.

Cassandra Brightley

Areas of expertise :

Graphic Design, Digital Marketing, Content Creation, Customer Service, Blogging.

Simran Bhardwaj

Area of Expertise :

C++, Python, Machine Learning, Web Development, SQL, Financial Modelling.

Anubhav Rai

Areas of expertise :

C++, HTML, CSS, Excel , MySQL , Financial Modeling, Python, Data Analytics.

Priyanshu Jain

Areas of Expertise :

Microsoft Excel, Financial Modelling, SQL, Problem Solving Skills

Shaan Grover

Area of Expertise :

Python, ML for Data Science, Tableau, SQL, Financial Modeling.

Shashank Agrawal

Areas of expertise :

Financial Modeling & Valuation, Financial Analysis, Python, MySQL, Big Data Analysis, Software Development.

Nishant Agarwal

Area of Expertise :

Financial Modelling, Project finance, VBA

Chintan Kothari

Areas of expertise :

financial modelling, model audit by the cell-by-cell review method.

Vishnu Agrawal

Areas of expertise :

PPP, Refinancing, Valuation, M&A, and Financial close models.