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Openbox AI Private Beta Round 1 Reflection

Openbox AI Private Beta Round 1 Reflection

Starting a beta – particularly a beta for a rapidly developing technology such as AI is always going to show you things you didn’t expect. Oh, so people don’t actually care about that feature we worked hard on? And people want to do what?! And actually most of their time is spent… you get the […]

Openbox | A matter of perspective


When we started building Openbox, we thought we were building a tool to create spreadsheet models. But as anyone who has started a business will tell you, customers and the market have a way of surprising you with what they really want! And one thing they want is help understanding what their model is doing. […]

Ofwat builds its official price control model using Openbox


Earlier today, the UK water regulator Ofwat published its draft price control model for PR24. You can view the full model for yourself here, and the full consultation is also available here. Ofwat developed the model using the Openbox financial model build software. The Ofwat model deals with complex and important issues, and so it […]

Openbox V1.0

Openbox V1.0

The last year has been quite a journey for Openbox. The pace of change really picked up over the last couple of months as 500 beta users have tested Openbox and given us unbelievably valuable feedback. We are now nearly ready to take the big step to version 1.0. We’ll be releasing this in early […]

Openbox Public Beta – Key updates and bug fixes since the private beta closed

Openbox Public Beta

The Openbox private beta closed late last year, and since then we’ve been concentrating on delivering the improvements that beta users asked for. We’re grateful to the dedicated users who have continued to send us additional suggestions, and we’ve been working to include those as well. So, as we launch the public beta, here is […]

Openbox release notes: December update v0.8.21

Openbox Lambda

Since the end of the Openbox beta round 3 in October, we’ve been hard at work fixing the issues our beta users have found and implementing their feature requests. Here is the complete list to date. New features Create LAMBDAs from Openbox calculations. Read LAMBDAs from Excel and convert to Openbox calculations. “Unfold” recursive LAMBDAs […]

What does Lambda mean?


Those of you, like me, who follow Excel on social media (do your children take the p*** for this the way mine do?) may have seen a new article this week. Microsoft has announced a new feature in Excel called Lambda (λ). Lambda matters a lot. Both because of what it allows Excel to do, […]

Openbox Beta: Round 1 Retrospective

Openbox Beta User

Round 1 Retrospective It feels like only last week that we kicked off the beta process, and here we at the end of Round 2. There has been a huge amount of input from our beta users, and we’re incredibly grateful for their time – particularly during the current crisis – in making Openbox more […]

Your Openbox questions answered

Well, that was quite a week! Watching Kenny doing the Openbox demo on Wednesday ranks among the most stressful things I’ve ever done. I’m sure it was pretty high pressure for him too! But we were fully prepared, well practised, and it all worked on the day. Thank you to everyone who attended, or watched […]

Can we build a Project Finance Model in 20 minutes?

Project Finance Model

Thanks to everybody who attended the Financial Modelling meet up to watch me put my reputation on the line. If you didn’t manage to get into the zoom call you can watch the recording of the live stream on YouTube below. We are looking for professional modellers to join a closed beta which will start […]