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Openbox release notes: December update v0.8.21

Openbox Lambda

Since the end of the Openbox beta round 3 in October, we’ve been hard at work fixing the issues our beta users have found and implementing their feature requests. Here is the complete list to date.

New features

  • Create LAMBDAs from Openbox calculations.
  • Read LAMBDAs from Excel and convert to Openbox calculations.
  • “Unfold” recursive LAMBDAs to help with understanding and testing.
  • Added “Import” to right click/ context menu.
  • If a calculation does not have a flag applied, don’t leave a blank space for the flag icon.
  • The main window now scrolls left and right if you drag items over the left/right-hand margins.
  • Single click anywhere on a calculation block selects it, double click edits.
  • If you edit a calculation name, and it is the same as an existing one, pressing “Escape” will now go back to the name it had before editing.
  • TAB in the formula bar now works like Enter/ Return.
  • After importing a component, you now see what calculations have been connected to the rest of the model, and have the option to make further connections manually.
  • You can now add actuals at any stage, and new actuals will be added if new report items are added.
  • Master checks sheet now added – any calculation in the model with the unit “check” will be included in the overall check.
  • Added a dropdown to set the number format for each calculation.
  • Added new number format manager windows. You can now change the built-in formats.
  • Number formats now read from the template.
  • When a report is in focus, underline the name.
  • F2 now puts the cursor at the end of the formula bar.
  • Sensitivities now included by default on InpC.
  • LET functions are now translated to Openbox formulas.

Bug fixes

  • Can now undo “Paste”.
  • Double-clicking a calculation name in the formula autocomplete list now inserts it in the formula.
  • The formula autocomplete window is not shown if there are no possible autocomplete choices.
  • Report lines are now shown in a lighter colour when selected. The text was not readable before.
  • Can now merge a “sum of above” calculation with another.
  • When you drag a section including placeholders to the Inputs sheet, all the placeholders are now coloured as inputs.
  • Pressing “]” in the formula bar no longer inserts the current autocomplete suggestion.
  • Check for “OPENINGVALUE” being used in calculations that are not balances (and conversely, for balance calculations that don’t refer to their opening value).
  • Placeholders on a report sheet now have “[” “]” around them.
  • Arrow keys now work in Focus mode.
  • Sections in the “Input” sheet are now correctly ordered in the spreadsheet.
  • When you group items into a section, the section is left where the items are, not placed at the end of the sheet.
  • The Master check cell now works correctly even if all checks are constants.
  • The formula bar now updates when you update the name of a balance.
  • The list of flags, indices and discounts now updates automatically when something is deleted.
  • When you have a section highlighted, and add a new calculation, the calculation is put into that section, not “Unallocated”.
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