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Openbox closed beta

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May 2020  |  Openbox

Apply to join the closed beta.

Applications for the first round of the beta testing are now closed.

With the first round kicking off, we will soon begin preparations for the second round. This will commence in the coming months. If you would like to be involved at that point please apply using the form below.

This application will take less than 2 minutes. We’ll get back to you as soon as we commence the second round in a couple of months. Read more about the process below.


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We have moved forward into the next stage of Openbox development. We have 120 first-round beta testers in place.

When this is complete we plan to run an expanded second round and welcome applications for this.

The process will involve a series of short sprints during which we will release a new version to the community, give time for users to test the new features, gather feedback, then iterate again.

The product will be free to use during the beta. At the end of the process, active beta users will get a substantial “beta community” discount for life.

It’s common during closed betas for some people to sign up to get free access to the software, but who have no intention of being an active participant. If we have any users in the beta community who do not provide active feedback during each sprint, we will drop them from the process.

Openbox is not a tool to turn everybody into a modeller. It’s a tool to make professional modellers more efficient and to reduce model build risk. We are therefore only accepting experienced modellers into the beta programme. If you are starting out on your modelling career – check out our free model build training here.

Lastly, at the end of the beta process, we will be launching an equity crowdfunding round. Openbox was built by modellers, for modellers. We want that ethos to extend to the funding / ownership model also. The beta community will get preferential access to the round.

If you want to be involved, apply using the form above.


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