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Financial Modelling – Survival of the fittest

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April 2022  |  Model Build

In Financial Modelling it is often the business with the best model that survives the future


I was chatting to a new client the other day and I was taken aback by his passion and energy relating to financial modelling.

He said something that really summed up what I have been trying to say in many blogs over the years.

“The businesses with the best models have the best chance of survival in the long run.”

It’s as simple as that. Survival of the fittest financial model.

As recent events keep reminding us, it’s impossible to predict the future with 100% confidence. But, a great financial model gives you the best chance of anticipating future events and stress testing your business.

High-quality models allow you to make high-quality business decisions. Financial models must be simple to be effective whilst also clear and flexible for future development.

If you are struggling with a financial model that is not helping your business to face the uncertain future with confidence, get in touch!

We believe in keeping things simple. Let’s talk about how our agile model build principles can be tailored to your requirements.

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