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Whilst staring at a financial model, it is really easy to get lost in the numbers.

It’s all rows and columns of excel, abstracted from the real world. It’s just another Infrastructure project……..Or is it?

It is worth taking a step back once in a while to reflect on what the numbers on the screen are actually helping to achieve.

We are helping our clients to achieve some AMAZING things!

We are working on some of the biggest renewable energy projects in the world, helping to combat one of the biggest threats to humanity.

We are working on huge utility projects, helping to bring water to millions.

We modelled the utility infrastructure for a brand-new city in the desert.

We are working on major collaborative cross-border infra deals contributing to the thawing of tensions in the Middle East.

Infrastructure projects make the world around us, and as financial modellers at Gridlines, we are playing an important part.

If you would like to join us, please get in touch.

Oliver Durston


Oliver Durston

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We have the privilege of serving clients who are doing big, innovative things and who push us to do our best work. We like that. We support them with financial modelling, valuations and due diligence.