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Financial Model Build: The Joy of Specialisation


You can pick any industry these days and the chances are that there’s a lot of disruption happening right now.

New technology, changing viewpoints & processes, and evolving economic factors are all playing a part.

“When you take a look at the Fortune 1000 over the last 40 years, starting from 1973 you see that major changes have taken place, By 2013, only 30% of the original companies are still on the list.” says Rufus Franck, founder of Consultants 500.

A big driver behind this change over the past 50 years has been specialisation.

I’ve just finished lunch at one of my favourite restaurants.

It is called AYO. It is in Nerja, Spain. They serve Paella, only Paella, and it is the most fantastic Paella I have ever tasted!

It is not pretentious or expensive. Every day, tourists and locals alike queue around the block to get their fix of AYO Paella.

As a business they have a winning formula. They do one thing, they focus on doing it better than everyone else, and people love it!

I like to think that Gridlines can be like AYO. We focus on financial modelling, and strive to do it as well as we possibly can.

For many businesses, modelling is just one item on the menu, a side order to go with the main product they are selling.

For us, the modelling is the main event. We are always trying to be more like AYO!

Get in touch with us today to talk about your project, and how our specialised approach to modelling can benefit you.

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