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Financial Model Audit: What makes a good audit?

good model audit

We are constantly striving to make our model audit service as good as it possibly can be.

Here’s what we believe makes a great model audit experience:

Finding the big errors

This goes without saying, but the one thing that overshadows everything else is that you need to be confident that material errors will be found. Our combination of an experienced team with decades of model audit experience and robust processes minimise the risk of anything slipping through.


You want the audit to be fast. You rarely have the luxury of time when it comes to an audit. We use our live issues list to help us to work in parallel to complete audits faster than traditionally possible.

Being pragmatic

You need your auditor to take a pragmatic approach to signing off a model, focussing on the material issues that will impact a transaction, rather than obsessing over very minor points of detail.

Being human!

You want your auditor to be human, friendly, and approachable. You need someone who you can talk to reasonably about how to quickly and effectively solve any issues found in the model.

We are always trying to get better.

Please let us know what you value the most from an audit or any suggestions for where you think the audit experience could be improved. Contact us today.

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Oliver Durston

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