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Disrupting Financial Model Audit

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February 2022  |  Model Audit

I was speaking to a client the other day and was blown away by his enthusiasm for our new approach to Financial model audit with “model audit 2.0“.

To paraphrase, he said ‘I love what you guys are doing. You are disrupting the model audit market. You are like the Tesla of model audit.’

Well, I’m not sure if we qualify as disruptors, and as my bank balance will attest I am certainly no Elon Musk!

Will we move the market and make the current approaches obsolete?

Maybe not any time soon, but we are trying!

We have found ways to do things faster and more efficiently than they were done before. We have hired key people from the model audit industry and want to make the model audit process a smoother and less painful experience for our clients.

We are always looking for ways we can improve. We know we have an exciting product in Model Audit 2.0 but our clients help to make it better. This is why we meticulously scrutinise the way we work after every audit we complete.

Without client feedback we wouldn’t be able to make Model Audit 2.0 the most forward-thinking audit experience on the market.

We are doing all we can to get better every day in a market that hasn’t moved on much in the last 20 years.

If you would like to hear more about our model audit process, get in touch.

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