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Can you trust the results of deep learning models?

“Marginlessness is the disease of the new millennium; margin is its cure.”
– Richard Swenson

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AI // The fragility of deep learning models

The Bank of England conducted an analysis of deep learning models in the financial sector. Their report raises concerns about the opaque nature of the models and the reliability of their results. It found that subtle changes in settings can lead to similar predictions but with varying explanations.  Read more.

Book // Adding margin to our lives

Progress has blessed us with unmatched wealth, education, technology, and entertainment. Yet, this hasn’t resulted in greater contentment and fulfilment. Instead, we find ourselves constantly rushed, filled with urgency, and plagued by anxiety.

According to Richard Swenson in his book Margin, the answer to the modern disease of overwork and anxiety is margin: margin in emotional energy, margin in physical energy, margin in time and margin in finances.

AI // YouTube video summaries

Eightify is a plug-in for Chrome & Safari, as well as an iOS app, that produces useful summaries of online videos. This is perfect for extracting key points and learning from a video without watching it in its entirety. It’s one of the most useful additions I’ve made to my stack recently. Check it out.

Economy // The rise of surge pricing

Surge pricing isn’t just for Uber rides. Real time demand based price adjustment is becoming more common in other sectors, leading to consumers paying more when they need items the most. Read more.

Resources for modellers

Could you turn your Excel skills into a profitable side hustle? In Leila Gharani’s latest YouTube video, she explores six different pathways you could consider if you’re looking to transform your Excel skills into a profitable side hustle. Each approach is categorised based on its complexity and profit potential, helping you find the perfect fit for your goals. The video covers everything from corporate roles and the consultancy ladder to achieving freedom, publishing books, and more.

Free Advanced Financial Modeller Mini-Exam: Test your financial modelling skills with the Financial Modeling Institute. This one-hour assessment offers an opportunity to evaluate your abilities, highlighting both your strengths and weaknesses.

Miscellany jobs

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Financial Model Designer – Commercial Real Estate, Egypt (Remote)
Financial Modelling Specialist – Enerjisa, Turkey (Hybrid)
Valuation | Modelling & Economics Senior Associate – EY, Malaysia
Financial Modelling Analyst – Progeny, UK (Hybrid)
Financial Model Expert – Candi Solar, India (Hybrid)

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Excel Spreadsheet meme - First ever spreadsheet carved on stone from Ancient Egypt

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