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Thanks to everybody who attended the Financial Modelling meet up to watch me put my reputation on the line. If you didn’t manage to get into the zoom call you can watch the recording of the live stream on YouTube below.

We are looking for professional modellers to join a closed beta which will start in a couple of weeks. The beta will be a series of short sprints, with user feedback and further iteration each time. The product will be free to use during the beta. At the end of the 2-3 month beta period, the beta users will get a substantial “beta community” discount for life.

Our intention with Openbox is not to turn everybody into a modeller through the magic of software. It’s called Openbox not Blackbox for a reason. It’s a tool to make professional modellers more efficient and to reduce model build risk. We are therefore only accepting experienced modellers into the beta programme. If you are starting out on your modelling career this isn’t for you – but you can check out our free model build training here.


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