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An Openbox Easter Egg Has Been Found

Header Image - An Openbox Easter Egg Has Been Found
July 2021  |  Uncategorized

At the launch event for the Openbox public beta on Thursday, we mentioned the “Easter eggs” hidden in Openbox. The prize for the first to find each one is a free lifetime licence.

Never underestimate a group of determined financial modellers…

We thought it would be a few days before anything happened, but within hours, the first Easter egg had been found. Congratulations to Thomas Meyer and Dennis Cowen who almost simultaneously sent in the winning secret code to claim their prize.

Now there are other Easter eggs in Openbox, so you haven’t missed your chance. Just make sure you keep Openbox up to date to give yourself the best chance of finding them.

In case you missed the Public Beta launch event, you can catch up by watching the full event below:

And remember, if the first one is anything to go by, they probably won’t be hidden for long. Years of exploring every nook and cranny of Excel have clearly given financial modellers a head start on finding things in software!

Good luck, everyone.

Read the latest Openbox Beta Patch notes here. Keep your eyes peeled for our latest announcements on the Gridlines LinkedIn page.

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