Modelling Innovation

We build financial models for effective decision making.
We can train your team to do the same.


We use the FAST modelling standard to build flexible, transparent financial models for effective decision making.


We can transform the way you and your team build models.


We’re building the next generation of model build tools.

All modellers make mistakes. It’s an unavoidable fact of life. Like taxes, and reality TV. You might not expect a modelling firm to lead with this on our home page. But just wishing for something not to be true never made it so.

Although all modellers make mistakes, not all models have mistakes in them. We developed a software tool to check for common errors. We use it on all our models. And we want to share it with you. For Free. All we ask is that you give us your feedback to help us keep making it better.

Checkbox, our free Excel Add-in will check for:

+ formula inconsistency
+ hard coded inputs
+ unused calculations
+ FAST modelling standard compliance
+ unused range names

And a whole bunch of other stuff you may never have considered testing for.


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We are looking for the world’s best financial modellers to join our growing team. As a global firm we are less interested in where you are based than your skills, enthusiasm and experience. If you bring tenacity, dedication and rigour, we offer flexibility and limitless growth opportunity in a vibrant, dynamic and friendly team culture.

Please email jointheteam@gridlines.com.


Our Team

Iain Morrow

Iain started developing financial models in the mid-1990s. He has developed deep expertise in the energy sector and in economic regulation, in both private and public sectors.

Iain has degrees in mathematics from Cambridge and the London School of Economics. He has published on machine learning, data analysis and modelling.

Kenny has spent the last 18 years in financial modelling both in delivery of financial modelling assignments with top tier accounting firms and in training of financial modelling professionals.

He has trained over 1,000 modellers from the world’s leading commercial and investment banks, top tier accounting firms, infrastructure funds and developers.

Danny Leitch

Danny spent the last 15 years in financial modelling both as an advisor with top tier accounting practices including EY and Grant Thornton and as leader of the modelling team in a leading Financial modelling consultancy.

Danny is a qualified accountant and expert financial modeller.

Umang Agarwal
Assistant Director

Umang has spent the last 8 years delivering financial modelling assignments across abroad range of sectors.

Before joining Gridlines, Umang worked for EY, PWC and F1F9. Umang is an IT graduate with Postgraduate Diploma in Management.

Daniel Wilcox

Daniel has spent the last 16 years as an advisor with a top tier accounting practice (EY), as will as working for a FTSE 250 transport company. Daniel has expertise across Transport and Defence, in both the public and private sectors.

Daniel is a qualified accountant and has a Master of Engineering degree.

Aditya Gupta
Assistant Director

Adi has spent the last 9 years in financial modelling, primarily within infrastructure.

Before joining Gridlines, Adi worked in the financial modelling teams of KPMG and F1F9. Adi is a Business graduate with Postgraduate Diploma in Finance.

Jaroslaw Nowicki
Senior Financial Analyst

Jarosław combines 10 years of experience in the financial advisory sector (including Deloitte and KPMG) with 7 years of experience in energy sector as a Financial Controller and Finance Director.

He specialises in financial modelling, valuation and due diligence.

Marius Ignisca
Senior Financial Analyst

Marius has over 7 years of experience acquired working for companies like Operis, Grant Thornton, SMBC and RSM.

His main expertise is model audits which he has performed on over 20 project assignments. He is also an experienced FAST standard model builder.

Martin Dubourg
Senior Adviser

Martin brings 27 years of experience in construction and environmental services including 15 years in Water and Waste water treatment utilities at a top management level.

Martin is a highly qualified engineer graduated from the most prestigious engineering schools in France (X and ENPC)

Radoslaw has 10 years of experience with top tier accounting firms (EY, PWC and KPMG) and more than 6 years as a freelance adviser in the area of corporate finance and transaction services.

Radoslaw has gathered extensive experience in financial restructuring and valuation.

Dave Clayton
Assistant Director

“A chartered accountant and corporate financier with over a decade’s experience, David has previously worked in both the public (HM Treasury) and private sector (Deloitte and Manchester Airport Group) advising on a number of successful project finance, real estate finance, and corner stone investments in Private Equity Funds across an array of sectors.

David has also worked as an independent financial modeller where he developed financial models for a range off clients which included the NHS, utilities and renewable energy projects.”

Riadh Ben Khalifa
Assistant Director

Riadh is a highly experienced advisor and financial modeller.

Prior to joining Gridlines, he had a senior role in a leading constructor in Europe where he had a rich hands-on experience covering not only modelling but also financing, tariff negotiation, M&A and bid management.

Uilleam Cameron
Senior Adviser

Uilleam brings over 20 years of experience at a senior level specialising in driving financial performance in energy and infrastructure projects.

Uilleam is a highly experienced adviser, adding value in the structuring, procurement and delivery of such in both developed and developing markets.

Saumya Goel

Before joining Gridlines Saumya worked in the Business Modelling Team of KPMG where she specialised in the Real Estate and Telecoms sectors.

She is a commerce graduate with a postgraduate degree in Finance.

Kevin Gate
Consultant Modeller

Kevin Gate is an expert in financial modelling. He has built over 100 financial models over the last 25 years including models for public listings, privatisations, M&A transactions, MBOs, funding, decisions & strategy, management reporting, restructuring and forensics.

Amit Vasudev
Senior Analyst

Amit has spent the last 9 years in corporate finance and financial modelling, across various sectors.

He is a CFA with a Postgraduate Degree in Finance.

Kirsty Jackson
Admin Manager

Kirsty has over 15 years’ experience in administration support and management. She is a graduate from University College London, and has worked within world-leading advertising firms, in the film and television industry, as well as across the legal, financial and public sectors.