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Modelling Innovation

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Deals move quickly. We move quicker. We face down looming deadlines with composure and poise. We help you make better decisions when the analysis matters. If you want a partner that sweats the details like it was our own money on the line, you’re in the right place.

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We have the privilege of serving clients who are doing big, innovative things and who push us to do our best work. We like that. We support them with financial modelling, valuations and due diligence.

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Deutsche Bank
The World Bank
EDF Energy

The future of financial modelling

We are building new innovative tools for financial modelling.
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Kenny Whitelaw-Jones | January 15, 2020

At Gridlines, we care deeply about Standards in modelling.

In this video, Kenny Whitelaw-Jones discusses some of the challenges that modelling teams must overcome to implement standards. He also discussed findings that were uncovered through a recent survey of financial modellers.

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We are a global tribe of financial modelling professionals. This is a place where we get to be ourselves, and do our best work – unleashed and unburdened. Our clients want reliability, responsiveness and relationship. That’s what we want from you.

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