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Stop wasting time and money with advisors who don't sweat the detail like it was their own money on the line.
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Bid successfully.

Negotiate Confidently.

Sleep Easily.

Deals move quickly. We move quicker. We face down looming deadlines with composure and poise. We help you make better decisions when the analysis matters. If you want an expert financial modelling partner that sweats the details like it was our own money on the line, you’re in the right place.

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We have the privilege of serving clients who are doing big, innovative things and who push us to do our best work. We like that. We support them with financial modelling, valuations and due diligence.

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Financial Modelling

We build models to support corporate finance and project finance deals.


Model Audit

We have a relentless drive towards increasing speed, efficiency and insight and making the whole process as easy as possible for our clients.



We are trusted by global banks, project developers and Governments to transform the effectiveness of their modelling.



We have an in-house software development team who are rewriting the rules on how financial models are built.

Building a better world

Project by project. Bid by bid. Model by model.

Gridlines is a founding partner of the Project Finance Institute.

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Unless you’ve been having a total digital detox, you’ll have seen articles about AI being used in all sorts of ways. And one of those

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