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How to avoid repeating history: 3 of the highest profile Excel errors of all time

Excel error

Excel is a victim of its own success Excel is a tool widely used by analysts of all levels of experience. The combination of availability and flexibility, coupled with a widespread lack of training can mean Excel models are prone to errors. There are examples of Excel error contributing to losses in the Billions of […]

Is Excel the right tool for the job?

excel misuse

“if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail”. – Abraham Maslow Excel is great, but it is not the answer to every problem. Excel has its limitations and they should be considered before using it in a business-critical application. The decision to use Excel should be an active one, rather than […]

Are you relying on Excel based analysis to make business critical decisions?

Excel Error

In many businesses, Excel is used for critical reporting and decision making. As has been widely trailed, the flexibility and open structure of Excel models can leave them prone to error. When making decisions based upon an analysis of complex data it’s worth pausing for reflection before pushing the button on that multi-million dollar investment. […]

The Multi-Billion Dollar Excel Error that didn’t happen today

Excel error

Excel is involved in every major transaction, every capital investment, every business sale, large or small and most financial forecasts. Decisions worth billions of dollars every single day are based on Excel models. Recent weeks have seen multiple headlines about Excel errors. Excel has been blamed for major losses, and in the case of UK […]