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The Project

The Project is an independant podcast on infrastructure, project finance, energy and PPP.
Produced by Kenny Whitelaw-Jones and John Kjorstad

Episode 5  |  06 December 2019

Infrastructure + Technology

John travels from London to Edinburgh to Hartlepool discussing the impact technology can have on essential public services. This episode, featuring Dr. Steven Fawkes, Max Carcas...

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Episode 4  |  20 August 2019

Is there a future for wave power?

In this episode Kenny travels to Copenhagen to meet the team from Wave Dragon, a wave energy system under development, and Edinburgh to meet the founder of Pelamis. They discuss...

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Episode 3  |  17 June 2019

3500 to end it

John walks with infrastructure specialist Laurence Carter as he nears the end of a deeply personal 12-month journey to raise awareness for cervical cancer. Laurence reflects on ...

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Episode 2  |  16 May 2019

Emerging Trends in Infrastructure

Kenny meets Richard Threlfall, KPMG's Global Head of Infrastructure, to discuss emerging trends in infrastructure development and finance as technology washes over everything in...

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Episode 1  |  12 May 2019

American Energy Dependence - 14 Years Later

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina overwhelmed the city of New Orleans. It also brought national uncertainty and a spike in petrol prices in the United States. The following summer, Joh...

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