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Model Build

We build models to support corporate finance and project finance deals. We look beyond the spreadsheets to help you see the real shape and dynamics of the deal.

We don’t just see a model; we see a windfarm, a hydro dam, an airport.

We see a business securing the investment it needs to do great things.

We see super slick forecasting and reporting that sets management free to focus on making the right decisions.

To discuss further please call Danny Leitch on +44 (0)79 1789 5230.

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How we work

We believe in keeping things simple. The models we create are easy to understand and flexible for future development.

We rigorously apply a standardised, modular approach which means we can deploy teams to work together to deliver complex models quickly.

We apply agile principles delivering solutions tailored to the evolving demands of our clients.

+ easy

+ flexible

+ modular

+ agile

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Our lead training Partner, Kenny Whitelaw-Jones, has taught thousands of modellers and analysts over the past 12 years. We are trusted by global banks, project developers and Governments to transform the effectiveness of their modelling.

Our courses are available globally.

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For many companies financial modelling hasn’t changed much in the last 20 years. It remains slow, manual and error prone. We have an in-house software development team who are rewriting the rules on how financial models are built.

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Model Audit

We have assembled the brightest and best modellers to create a truly unique model review team. We focus on responsiveness, rigour and innovation. From basic software-based checks through to full model audit for funder due diligence we will provide an expert critical eye to give you peace of mind. We’ve got your back.


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